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Lash Client Testimonials

"I was hooked on the extensions immediately once this gal from Utah did my eyes. She would drive to Vegas once a week to visit her clients. After becoming pregnant, she dropped her trade, focused on her pregnancy and I was in a pickle.

"I have been to most eyelash people in Clark County trying to find anyone who could hold a match stick to her talent, but I could not locate anyone. Disaster after disaster happened to my lashes from one person to the next over a period of a 7 month search for her replacement. I have had my lashes for over 3 yrs and I am use to having my eyes freshened every week. Yes, I am very O.C.D. with my lashes :) I have had my eyes burned, where I have permanent vision issues in my right eye; I have had patches of lashes that have been struggling for some time to grow back because of the chemicals and products used to attach the extensions... I have been through so much with my lashes since the loss of my girl from Utah.

"I have now been with Tanya for 5 months now. She is by lengths far superior to my Utah gal. That states mountains for her talent and skill sets! There is not another eyelash person in Clark County that can compare to her skills, professional manner and gentle products. She really cares about my lashes! Thank you Tanya, you are my hero! The before and after pictures say it all. That former gal before I met you left me in a mess."

Testimonials - Lashes Before Testimonials - Lashes After

- Ashley Grimes

"I highly recommend Tanya for Eyelash Extensions. I have been receiving eyelash extensions by Tanya for approximately 1.5 years. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. This includes the beauty of the eyelash extensions, the improved health of my own lashes, and also the personalized, professional care that I receive from Tanya."

- Carolyn Matzinger, M.D.

"My name is Carol Matthews and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. Tanya's work has not only changed my appearance but also the condition of my life. Since the age of 4, I suffered in silence from trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling) for over 3 decades. It wasn't until my forties that I learned there were others with this condition.

"When I first came to Tanya I had large gaps in my upper lashes from pulling them out. Since our first appointment I have not pulled out ONE of my upper lashes. They are SO perfect and beautiful I have no desire to destroy them. I even sometimes let out-of-towners think they're my own!!! Here in Vegas of course I try to refer new clients...

"Her work has given me confidence, self-worth and a whole new level of self-esteem never before experienced. With every subsequent appointment my own lashes are able to support more and more extensions, thus creating the look I've always dreamed of!!! She's as wonderful as she is talented and such a positive force in my quest for mental and physical health."

- Carol Matthews

"My experience with Tanya and the entire process of wearing eyelash extensions has been amazing! Not only am I enjoying wearing them, I also save less time in the morning when getting ready! It's still unbelievable that my last application lasted 56 days! 8 weeks went by so fast and I still had plenty of lashes!! Taking care of them has been easy & simple. I can't live without them now!!! I'm hooked!! Thanks so much Tanya...you're amazing!!!"

- Carla Ortega

"Thanks so much for the care and time you have taken for my lashes. I love them and they feel very comfortable. I was very hesitant to do lashes again after what happened with my wedding lashes, but you have really eased my concerns."

- Lourdas V.

"Hi Tanya, I just wanted to thank you for the awesome work you do. I rarely get a chance to work behind someone elses "good" work. I just had Kat Barker in my studio and her lashes were amazing. Once again, Thank You! I will be referring any of my travelling guests your way."

- Kit Stephenson   iLashWorks.com

"Tanya you are awsome you did my lashes for my wedding in Vegas:) They lasted for 3 1/2 months, I couldn't find anyone to keep them up where I live:( You also did my mother inlaws eyelashes as well. My mother inlaw and you both knew some of the same people in Hawaii. Want to thank you again since it was 3 years ago and I have not forgotten but didn't think to contact you by facebook."

- Megan O.

"You are the best! Yay! I LOVE, LOVE these lashes!"

- Michele M.

"Omgoddess! The BEST! Wow!!...Fantastic job!! Seriously! Wow!! "

- Rachel M.